The Joint Operation Center  -  World Management  Center.

The JOC is a World Management and Promotion Organization operated by;
"PRI - Philippine Responder International, Inc  The JOC is a collective effort of many  people  working together for the greater good.  
Current  PRI JOC Operations is located in Southern Mindanao, Philippines.  This region was chosen because of the deep water ports and the needs of the people. Our location provides a measure of safety and security, and still places us near the locations where help is needed the most.
As we plan, we understand that the Philippines presents with a wide range of issues. As a country with a large diversified population there are issues of peaceful coexistence, poverty and disasters. The Philippines is one of the most disaster prone areas in the world. The ability to respond in a timely manner is of the highest concern. Here we see children suffer every day. Our planning for local and remote operations will provide needed care. Our operation here in Mindanao provides management for life saving projects and the ability to direct resources. The JOC center and its future expansion, serves as a world entry gateway for volunteers.  And it also provide a resource for shared supplies and equipment. With our permanent presence we can address all emergency issues on site. This center has team up with local officials, organizations, and the Muslim and Christian communities to address ways to best provide a vision of success. We have open the doors for other Organizations to work together for the vision of many.
The JOC is working in the area of poverty reduction,
peace building and human rights.
The JOC is a shared Resource Center. As a shared resource center we provide assistance and resources. We assist in projects and we provide management and sourcing. We provide resourcing for lodging and security. Where funding is needed we can also provide tools for assisting in project funding
JOC Philippines. World Joint Operation Center
JOC Medical Network PRI
-Providing the Philippine Children Medical Network
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